Opt For Mt Hood Summer Skiing For A Fantastic Skiing Experience

Mt Hood summer ski racing camp offers one of a kind experience in learning how to take the slopes. You might be just a beginner or someone with a bit of interest in learning how to ski. Trust the coaches here to turn you into a professional ski racer within a couple of weeks. How? The coaches here are USSA/PSIA trained professionals who know the latest teaching methodology. There is a six to one teacher skier ratio hence every teacher is able to give enough time and attention to the learners in his group, so you can be sure of getting thorough training in various aspects of skiing.  Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Snow Crown to Ski – Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps USA

Skiing is a progressive sport as well as recreation in USA. Mt Hood, which is located East of Oregon, North America is the second most climbed glaciated peaks in the world. In 1979, Mt Hood experienced its first ski camp and since then it houses adventurous summer ski camps every year. Ski lovers enjoy summertime on the slopes of Mt Hood and create unforgettable memories. The weather here is quite unpredictable with mid-winter temperatures falling in summers. Continue reading

WHY NOT Should You Plan For Ski Camping?

Directly or indirectly, owing to the steep curves curves in the stock market and rising inflation, people cannot spare any time but run the race against time to earn a standard lifestyle. People prefer power naps and get back to work again, though they deserve an energizing break. Such life is deprived of exhilaration and excitement and a pinch of enthusiasm is direly needed. Continue reading