Opt For Mt Hood Summer Skiing For A Fantastic Skiing Experience

Mt Hood summer ski racing camp offers one of a kind experience in learning how to take the slopes. You might be just a beginner or someone with a bit of interest in learning how to ski. Trust the coaches here to turn you into a professional ski racer within a couple of weeks. How? The coaches here are USSA/PSIA trained professionals who know the latest teaching methodology. There is a six to one teacher skier ratio hence every teacher is able to give enough time and attention to the learners in his group, so you can be sure of getting thorough training in various aspects of skiing. 

Mt Hood Summer Skiing

Why Opt For Mt Hood Summer Skiing Classes?

The coaches at Mt Hood summer skiing center will first start off with some warm up exercises, after which you will begin the training session. What they do first is assess your motivational level, how much you are able to understand and grasp the art of skiing, your movements and also the kind of equipment you use when taking to the slopes. Their teaching is based in their conclusion derived by analyzing these factors.

Mt Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon and thus the perfect spot to learn skiing. Not only will the summer ski training sessions improve your fundamental ski skills, it will also teach advanced techniques and as well as get you into fun after-ski activities. These adventure activities include white water rafting, golfing, hiking, wind surfing, rock climbing etc. It is to be noted that at Mt Hood, there is a custom wave track that is built every season for the purposes of facilitating movement patterns needed to run in Slalom and GS courses. It is for this reason that this summer ski camp is preferred by professional ski racers as it enables them to tune their skills for high level competitive races.


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