Spend Leisure Time With Family: Skiing At Mt. Hood

Sustaining continual days of hard work and exertion, along with boredom is a difficult task and calls for a refreshing break. Such a break from work restores energy in you and replenishes you for new sets of work to be undertaken with complete enthusiasm. Adventures sports are some of the famous means to spend some leisure time with your family and friends. Plus, they have always been an area of interest for most of us. Ski camping is one such adventure sport that takes place over thick snow.


Mt. Hood- Right Place For Ski Racing!

Mt. Hood is famous for the steep terrains and numerous ski camps that invite candidates to spend their vacation there. Such ski camps focus of imparting proficient ski-racing skills to candidates of all ages and also conduct after skiing activities, to make it a perfect vacation for you.

Professional Trainers

Summer ski camps have handpicked set of ski-racing experts who focus on the individual learning needs of each candidate, so that they can easily learn skiing tactics, even on the steep terrains of this mountain. In conjunction with timberline snow cat operators, they build custom wave track that is specially designed to coach candidates, the methodology of different skiing styles.

Comfortable Accommodation

It is important to ensure that the boarding and lodging facilities and good too, because one cannot ignore the comfort of the entire family, when the vacation is planned with them. Most of the ski camps offer comfortable accommodation in a safe and secluded campus that is under 24/7 surveillance.

Skiing At Mt. Hood

Ski Racing Destination On Mt. Hood: National Alpine Ski Camp

National Alpine Ski Camp is one such ski racing camp on Mt. Hood that offers intensive ski-racing training to all the candidates and that’s why it keeps the coach to athlete ratio as low as 6:1. NASC spends ample of time and money as it focuses on training the professional skiing tactics on custom wave track that is specially built for them. Not to forget, they have a peaceful campus at the Salmon Riverfront which is well equipped with all the necessary amenities.

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