The Most Beautiful Snow Crown to Ski – Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps USA

Skiing is a progressive sport as well as recreation in USA. Mt Hood, which is located East of Oregon, North America is the second most climbed glaciated peaks in the world. In 1979, Mt Hood experienced its first ski camp and since then it houses adventurous summer ski camps every year. Ski lovers enjoy summertime on the slopes of Mt Hood and create unforgettable memories. The weather here is quite unpredictable with mid-winter temperatures falling in summers.


Incredible summers ski camp at the mesmerizing slopes of Mt Hood, USA.

Mt Hood summer ski camps start early spring and continue till late fall, and boasts the longest ski season in USA. It is a jaunty place for snow-sport adventures for kids, teens and adults. Immerse yourself in the beauty and bounty of Mt Hood. Enjoy fresh ski tracks in the morning and utilize rest of the day in other outdoor activities like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, hiking, etc. Most of the area here is reserved by different camps, leaving part of the terrain for individual skiers. This snow covered region embraces the tourists with a safe and favorable environment, free from the stresses of a hectic life.

Finest tactics taught at summer ski camp of Mt Hood, USA

With ultimate summer camps on-and-off the terrain of Mt Hood, USA. Skiers with a passion for sport are trained with skiing techniques, and undaunted champions are raised. Professional coaches & trainers design the ski camp module with a personalized approach, restyled to individual needs and skill levels. They provide training for ski racing, moguls, free skiing and snowboard racing. It is the ultimate on-snow camp experience.

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