Let’s Plan To Have Some Fun During The Upcoming Summer Vacations!

It happens that people are unable to steal some time for adventure sports and destinations that they have always been longing for. Reasons behind this could be a strict schedule, different priorities or tight budget, but it is very important to take a refreshing break from the vicious cycle of work and boredom. If these adventure sports are possible without paying a pretty penny, it would be easier for many of us to afford them and enjoy some leisure time with family and friends. Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Snow Crown to Ski – Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps USA

Skiing is a progressive sport as well as recreation in USA. Mt Hood, which is located East of Oregon, North America is the second most climbed glaciated peaks in the world. In 1979, Mt Hood experienced its first ski camp and since then it houses adventurous summer ski camps every year. Ski lovers enjoy summertime on the slopes of Mt Hood and create unforgettable memories. The weather here is quite unpredictable with mid-winter temperatures falling in summers. Continue reading